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Chougiranbuhen/Super Hard Battle 3


Mariko Konjo Ukyo Ranma - Male Ranma - Female Mousse Kodachi Hinako-sensei Kuno Akane Ryoga Shampoo Genma (Panda)


Ranma 1/2 Chougiranbuhen is a Street Fighter-style, 2D fighter released for the Super Famicom in 1994. There are 12 (13 in tag team) selectable characters from the Ranma 1/2 series, each with thier own unique moves.

Story Mode:

Story Mode pits you one-on-one against a series of computer controlled opponents. The default difficulty setting is fairly easy, but raising the difficulty makes it a bit more challenging. The selection of characters is varied and interesting, including most of the main characters from the series. The moves are easy to execute and button combinations tend to carry from player to player, making new characters easy to learn. Each character has a special move which they can perform after charging up using thier taunt. It's fun to see taunts incorporated as an important element of the gameplay, rather than just as an amusing button combo. Each characters special move involves the X button. Though they are not in the booklet, I have figured them out and listed them below.

V.S. and Tag Team:

There are two different options for playing against a friend, V.S. Play, and Tag Team. In V.S. Play you can choose from 4 outfit colors for each charcter, and one of 12 backgrounds to fight in. You can adjust attack and defence power to prolong game play or set a handicap. Tag Team play allows you to choose two characters, so choose carfully. The charcter selection includes Herb, the boss character from Story Mode. You must play for a certain amount of time, indicated by a meter, before you can swap out with your second character. To switch you must retreat to the end of the ring that you started on and hit "select". Your second character always has full life, which makes for interesting strategy. Always keep your eye open for the opportunity to switch, and try to get in between your opponent and thier corner so they can't switch characters. Tag Team is a fun addition to V.S. Mode.


Overall, Ranma 1/2: Chougiranbuhen is a fun, well executed fighting game. The graphics and music are above average, especially for a game based on a licened property. If you like fighting games there should be enough here to interest you, and ranma fans should be pleased with the character selection and signiture moves from Ranma 1/2.



-> "to"
- "then"
+ "and"
Big Move
Special Move
Secret Move
Secret Move (Using the Secret Move Button)
Ultimate Move (While Charged)

Note: Character Descriptions and Japanese move names are still under construction.

Ranma-boy: 乱馬男

Offence, defence, speed, a completely balanced character. The secret "Flying Dragon's Ascension" is invincible!


Y + B or X + A Rolling Missle Kick 前転ミサイルキック
Jump - Down + strong kick Overhead Leg Dive 頭上急襲脚
Roll Down->Toward + punch Domineering Fierce Tiger 猛虎高飛車
Punch repeatedly "Tientsin Chestnuts in Fire" Fist 火中天津甘栗拳
Roll Down->Away + punch "Flying Dragon's Acension" Attack 飛龍昇天破
Special (while charged):
Hold Down - Up + X "Flying Dragon's Decension" (long range)

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Ranma-girl: 乱馬女

Very agile! Her "Flying Dragon's Acension", like male Ranma's posseses invincible strength!


X + A Rolling Elbo ローリングエルボー
Y + B Back Blow (mid-range) バックブロー
Jump - Down + strong kick Overhead Leg Dive 頭上急襲脚
Punch repeatedly "Tientsin Chestnuts in Fire" Fist 火中天津甘栗拳
Hold Away - Forward + punch Domineering Fierce Tiger (close range) 猛虎高飛車
Hold Down - Up + kick "Flying Dragon's Acension" Attack 飛龍昇天破
Special (while charged):
Roll Back->Down->Forward + X "Flying Dragon's Decension" 飛竜降臨弾

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Genma: 玄馬(パンダ)

His strong point is the powerful close combat with his panda body. His weakness is his slow movement.


X + A or Y + B "Frog Squash" Style 蛙轢死態
Jump - Down + Kick Lazy Pitfall 無気力落とし
Hold Away - Toward + Kick Bear-cat Fierce Running Attack 無気力落とし
Down + strong kick Slide (short-range)
Hold Down - Up + Punch Bear-cat Raising Head 熊猫脳天起
Special (while charged):
Tap Forward twice + X Panda Hell Round パンダ地獄巡り

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Akane: あかね

Her rushing attacks are very powerful! One would best engage her in close combat!


Y + B Dashing 1-2 Slap ダッシュ往復ビンタ
X + A Grabbing "Upper" つかみアッパー
Hold Down - Up + Kick Savage Flying Dive-bomb 猛翔撃墜
Punch repeatedly Frantic Book Bag Swing かばん大車輪
Hold Away - Toward + punch Build-Up Dash ダッシュ木づち
Special (while charged):
Tap Forward twice + X Running Jab ダッシュ突き押し

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Kuno: 九能

On account of his Bokutou, his reach is long. His damage power is strong, but because of the weight, his sword is somewhat slow.


X + A Rushing Face Blow 踏み込み面一本
Y + B Hopping Nokitsuki 飛びのき突き
Roll Down -> Forward + punch Singular Death 孤空斬
Roll Down -> Forward + kick Heaven and Earth Thunder Strike 天地雷鳴斬り
Special (while charged):
Roll Forward->Down->Back + X Falling Watermelon Slice 大回転破魔西瓜殺

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Ryoga: 良牙

High strength, can be an all-around fighter but for his weakness in love.


X + A Sliding スライディング
Y + B Diving Double Head-Butt 飛び込み二段頭突き
Jump - Down + Strong Kick Tanuki Drop 狸落し
Roll Down->Toward + Punch Roaring Lion Bullet 獅子咆哮弾
Roll Down->Away + Punch Blasting Point 爆砕点穴
Special (while charged):
Hold down - Up + X Perfect Roaring Lion Bullet 獅子咆哮弾完成型

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Shampoo: シャンプー

She dazzles her opponent with amazing speed! Her sex appeal also cannot be ignored!!


X + A Rolling Jump Kick 龍尾脚
Y + B Roundhouse Combo 転踵落
Jump - Down + strong kick Foot Dive 流星脚
Jump in air Double Jump
Roll Down->Toward + punch Mid-air Grab 落鳳破
Roll Back->Down->Forward + Kick Full Screen Leap Attack 天翔脚
Special (while charged):
Jump - Down + X Lightening Dive (short range) 落龍撃

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Kodachi: 小太刀

Contrary to her graceful movement, her (unfair?) pride is to attack the enemy unprepared.


X + A or Y + B 1000 Rod Flurry Attack 千手こん棒乱れ打ち
Hold back - Forward + weak punch Underhand Pin Throw アンダークラブスルー
Hold back - Forward + strong Punch Overhand Pin Throw オーバークラブスルー
Hold back - Forward + Kick Ribbon Trip リボン足払い
Hold down - Up + punch Numbing Bouquet しびれ花束
Special (while charged):
Forward - Down - Back + X Black Rose Snowstorm 黒バラ吹雪

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Mariko Konjo: 今条マリ子

Magnificent movment, and the sure-kill move "batton-cutter", are her "go-go" offense pride!


X + A or Y + B Hurdle Jump-Kick ハードルジャンプキック
roll Down->Towards + punch Batton Cutter バトンカッター
hold back - forward + punch Batton Mash バトンスマッシュ
roll Down->Back + kick Tumbling Kick タンブリングキック
Special (while charged):
Roll Forward->Down->Back + Y Flying Heaven Pom-Pom Unibomber 飛天ポンポンウニボンバー

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Ukyo: 右京

It's hard to approach her swinging her oobara. Her range is her strong point.


Y + B Pepper-toss (low) 大ヘラ風車斬り
X + A Spatula Spin メリケンコ爆弾
Forward + weak punch ヤキ入れ小ヘラ打ち
Roll Down -> Forward + punch Shuriken 小ヘラ投げ
Roll Down -> Forward + kick Pepper Toss (high) 天カスかんしゃく玉ミックス
Special (while charaged):
Tap forward twice + X Spatula Pummel ヤキ入れ疾風怒濤

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Mousse: ムース

Various long range weapons are hidden on his body!!


X + A Bomb Drop 置爆弾
Y + B Training toilet 秘技白鳥拳
Jump - Down + kick Blade Dive 秘技鷹爪拳
Roll Down->forward + punch Shoot missles(knives?) 短刀投げ
Special (while charged):
Back and forth a lot + X Throw bombs (long range) 秘技鶏卵拳

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Hinako-sensei: ひな子先生

Transforms from a child to an adult! Her techniques also change while transformed!! It's forbidden to use "Change-return" technique too much.


Child: 子供

X + A Sliding Tumble Attack 突撃転倒スライディング
Y + B Diving Tumble Attack 突撃転倒ダイビング
Roll Down->forward - weak kick Advanced Happo 5-yen Satsu 上段八宝五円殺
Roll Down->forward - strong kick Advanced Happo 50-yen satsu 上段八宝五十円殺
Roll Down->forward - weak punch Happo 5-yen satsu 八宝五円殺
Roll Down->forward - strong punch Happo 50-yen satsu 八宝五十円殺

Adult: 大人

X + A or Y + B Round-house ヒールソバット
Roll Down->Forward - Kick Happo Change-return 八宝つり銭返し
Roll Down->Forward - weak punch Happo 5-yen satsu 八宝五円殺
Roll Down->Forward - strong punch Happo 50-yen satsu 八宝五十円殺
Roll Forward->Down->Back + X Happo Double Change-return 八宝つり銭倍返し

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Herb: ハーブ (Tag Team only)

X + A or Y + B Lightening Jump Kick 竜刃脚
Back (2sec.) - Fwd + punch Crescent Shot 竜斬破
Back (2sec.) - Fwd + kick Downward Shot 気砲
Down (3sec.) - Up + punch Energy knuckles 気竜刀裂空斬
Special Move (while charged)
Back -> Down -> Fwd + X Fireball Dive 竜精飛翔

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All: 皆

Away + Punch Throw (very close-range)

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